05/30/2018 Dose


“It is that very Spirit bearing witness with our spirit that we are children of God.” (Romans 8:16; New Revised Standard Version)

“The whole message of Christianity is contained in this statement,” writes Paul Tillich. “When a child has a moment that we could call a moment of grace, he suddenly does the good freely, without command, and more than had been commanded; happiness glows in his face. He is balanced within himself, without enmity, and is full of love.”

camping.pngThere is a delightful story about a father and son who had gone on an annual camping trip for years. When the son had become a man, during their annual camping trip, he said, “Dad, I don’t need you anymore.” (The father thought, “I could have gone all weekend without hearing THAT.”) But then the son continued, “but I want you!”

The utmost joy of relating to God is found when we no longer strive to do right because we think we “need to” or that we “have to”, but because we “want to”.

PRAYER: Help me, Heavenly Father, to discover the true happiness of loving you freely and fully.  Amen.

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