07/07/2016 Dose


“Brothers and sisters, it doesn’t make any sense to say you have faith and act in a way that denies that faith. Mere talk never gets you very far, and a commitment to Jesus only in words will not save you.(James 2:14; The VOICE)

yada yada yada“Yada, Yada, Yada” was deemed #1 of the “TV’s 50 Funniest Phrases” [Wikipedia.com]. The phrase is often used when one doesn’t want to go into details about a story or wishes to hide the real truth of what they are talking about. To me, “yada, yada, yada” is all I hear when someone talks on and on about what they supposedly believe but fail to put into practice.

It’s no laughing matter when we who call ourselves Christian pontificate on and on about our faith yet others rarely, if ever, see any difference in our actions. Instead of living in such a way that others may be drawn to know more about the God we say we love and serve, others only see us act in ways that really deny the faith we profess. When that happens, I fear all that they hear when we talk is “yada, yada, yada”.

I’ve listened to people talk a lot about their beliefs and try to justify themselves by listing all of the bad things they have never done (i.e. “I’ve never hurt or killed anyone!” or “I’ve never stolen anything!”). I sometimes ask them, “But what have you done? What good have you done for the world? How will the world be better because of your acts of faith?” James insists that “mere talk” and a commitment “only in words” is not enough.

PRAYER: God of our salvation, help us to find ways to put into practice what we say we believe so that others might be drawn ever more nearer to You. Amen.

*The Scripture Reading for each day is selected from the Revised Common Daily Lectionary used in A Disciple’s Journal – 2015 by Steven W. Manskar]

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