03/31/2016 Dose


Let everything that breathes praise the Lord! Hallelujah!” (Psalm 150:6; GOD’S WORD Translation)

Hallelujah squirrelThe last word in the book of Psalms is “Hallelujah!” – a shout of praise. After 150 prayers which cover the whole gamut of life experience – joy, sorrow, anguish, moments of delights and trying times of doubt, pain, suffering and death – the ultimate end is praise to God.

Eugene Peterson reminds us that “All prayer, pursued far enough, becomes praise. Any prayer, no matter how angry and fearful the experiences it traverses, ends up in praise. It doesn’t always get there quickly or easily – it may take a lifetime of uphill climbing – but it gets there. Eventually it gets there” [Conversations, p. 929].

So, no matter what kind of day we may be having, we can still hold onto the hope that at the end of it all we will still be able to lift our hearts in praise. Instead of waiting to the end, let’s just go ahead right now and praise the Lord!

PRAYER: Holy Spirit, wedge open our hearts and fill then with Your love and hope until all that we can do is just praise Your holy name. Amen.

*The Scripture Reading for each day is selected from the Revised Common Daily Lectionary used in A Disciple’s Journal – 2015 by Steven W. Manskar]

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