10/25/2014 Dose


“Here you are scouring through the Scriptures, hoping that you will find eternal life among a pile of scrolls. What you don’t seem to understand is that the Scriptures point to Me. Here I am with you, and still you reject the truth contained in the law and prophets by refusing to come to Me so that you can have life.” (John 5:39-40; The Voice)

Dead Sea ScrollsIn his Expository Files, Jon W. Quinn writes, “There is a crying need today for people to seek out the wisdom of God as revealed in His Scriptures and make application of it in their lives”. While this is true, we must not miss the focus not only of this particular verse but of all the scriptures – how they point to Jesus who is the true source of eternal life.

Like the scribes of old, people today still think that focusing on the words written so long ago we can fill the void in our lives. Yet, the only One who can fill our lives with eternal life is the One who is the Way and the Life. The writer of John reminds us of this at the very beginning of his gospel is speaking of the Word which became flesh in Jesus.

Therefore, all our reading and studying of the Bible needs to be filtered through the witness of Jesus Christ who lives today. The goal of every Christian needs to be living in relationship with Christ who is the source of life eternal and living abundantly in God’s love.

PRAYER: Thank you, God of Wisdom, for the gift of Scriptures which point to Your Son, Jesus Christ, our hope for eternal life. Amen.

  *The Scripture Reading for each day is selected from the Revised Common Daily Lectionary used in A Disciple’s Journal – 2014 by Steven W. Manskar]

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