6/28/2013 Dose


“Give thanks to the LORD because he is good, because his faithful love lasts forever”  That’s what those who are redeemed by the LORD say.  (Psalm 107:1-2a; Common English Bible)

 steadfast-love-of-godThis psalm was most likely used in worship as God’s people gathered to give thanks for the goodness of God who has redeemed them from several scenarios in life.  Various episodes in the lives of the faithful who have seen first-hand the steadfast love of the Lord are recounted:  those wandering in the wilderness (4-9); those dwelling in darkness (10-16); those sick to the point of death (17-22); and those caught in a storm at sea (23-32).

Whether we have found ourselves experiencing such times literally in our lives or not, each of us will face some times when we need desperately the redeeming hand of God.  This prayer gives us insight into how to handle the struggles of life:  recognize the situation we are in; cry out to God, telling God what we need; accept the deliverance God brings; and then give thanks to God.

PRAYER: Comforting God, I’m so thankful for your faithful and steadfast love which has and will uphold me throughout all the struggles which life may bring.  Amen.

[*The Scripture Reading for each day is selected from the Daily Office Lectionary]

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