6/19/2013 Dose


“Give justice to the lowly and the orphan; maintain the right of the poor and the destitute!  Rescue the lowly and the needy.  Deliver them from the power of the wicked!”  (Psalm 82:3-4; Common English Bible)

clasped hands as the earth“Thou shalt not judge!”  That directive reminds us that we are not to ever assume the role of God as the ultimate decider of the eternal destiny of another.  However, judgments are to be made in life. Choices and decisions about what we will buy or do, how we will vote, and how we treat others are always before us.  Therefore, we all will have those times when judgments need to be made.

In such times, we need to consider the main responsibility of any judge – to see that justice is done, especially for the lowly, the poor, the needy.  Let’s not be swayed by the popular, the powerful and the rich to ignore the rights of those who have been neglected and abused. 

This passage speaks to everyone who is in a position of responsibility. Hence, it speaks to everyone of us who are daily called to be responsible with whatever decisions come before us.

PRAYER: Wise and Righteous God, give us a compassionate heart this day so that we might always be sensitive and caring to those whose life are nothing but a constant struggle to get through life.  Amen.

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