12/29/12 Dose


Peter said, “I really am learning that God doesn’t show partiality to one group of people over another.  Rather, in every nation, whoever worships him and does what is right is acceptable to him. This is the message of peace he sent to the Israelites by proclaiming the good news through Jesus Christ: He is Lord of all!”   (Acts 10:34-36; Common English Bible)

Family of GodThe message of God through Peter is very clear — no matter our place of origin, the same God reaches out to us and the same gospel calls us home.  New Testament professor Eric Barreto writes: “Without question, God’s spirit is moving.  The only question is whether the Peter, as well as the church, will sense the winds of change and follow God’s lead.”

The living Spirit of Christ continues to move among us today in unexpected and challenging ways.  How is that Spirit of love and acceptance seen in our words and actions each day.  Do we spend more energy trying to keep others out or providing hospitality to invite them in, welcoming them to join us in the the work of God’s kingdom?

Prayer:  Lord of All, remind me that every one I will meet today is accepted by You and is one for whom you gave your life to be restored in Your love and care.  Amen.

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