12/27/12 Dose


Get up, Lord!  Get your fist ready, God!  Don’t forget the ones who suffer!”  (Psalm 10:12; Common English Bible)

raised fistMost versions of this Psalm call for God to “lift Your hand”.  So, the translation of the Common English Bible caught my attention when the psalmist prayed more vividly “Get your fist ready, God!”  This cry on behalf of those who suffer indicates that a fight is before us and we will need all the help we can muster.

The airwaves are filled today with advertisements for lawyers who proclaim they are willing and able to fight on our behalf.  Another name for lawyer is an advocate, one who will stand by our side and speak on our behalf — who will fight for our cause.  The beloved disciple John tells us that “we have an advocate with the Father” (1 John 2:1).  Long-sufferer Job knew this years before of this Helper when he proclaimed “Surely now my witness stands in heaven; my advocate is on high; my go-between, my friend” (Job 16:19-20).

Prayer: Whatever battle is before me, Almighty God, I trust that the Spirit of Your powerful presence will be with me that I might stand firm within Your loving will. Amen.

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