12/26/12 Dose


So Samuel grew up, and the Lord was with him, not allowing any of his words to fail.”  (1 Samuel 3:19; Common English Bible)

1samuel3_19“Words don’t fail me now!”  One of the challenges of writing a daily devotion is the difficulty of figuring out what to say.  For some passages there are so many things that could be said it’s difficult to choose what’s best.  For other passages it’s more of a challenge to find anything worth writing.  All this is compounded by my never knowing just who might actually read or pay attention to what is said.

Having writer’s block stymies the best of us.  In a list of 10 practical tips for overcoming this malady, one About.com guide recomends that you “remember why you started writing in the first place.”  I started this Dose4today devotion not to be the meat and potatoes of one’s spiritual diet but to offer an appetizer for others to enhance their desire to read more and draw nearer to the Word.

Prayer: Word of Life, continue to draw each of us ever closer to your Word that we might be a witness of Your love and grace. Amen.

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