12/24/12 Dose


Then Mary said, ‘I am the Lord’s servant. Let it be with me just as you have said.’  Then the angel left her.”  (Luke 1:38; Common English Bible)

maryWhen Mary’s life is interrupted by God who sends the angel Gabriel to bring her the troubling message that she will give birth to the One who will bring salvation to the world, she accepts the challenge.  Yet, I don’t see Mary’s response as a weak, submissive caving in to God’s request with a whimpering “Whatever”.  Instead, Mary exhibits her courageby taking charge of her life by affirming the role God has offered to her for the good of the world.

Here response is not so much a “I submit to being used” but rather, “I affirm what is happening here as the will of God for me.”  In turn, her response is more like: “Yes!  All right!  Let’s do it!”  Even in the spirit of the Cable Guy’s mantra – “Git ‘er done!”

Are you willing to affirm how God is calling you to bring hope and healing into our world?  Imagine all the wonderful things God wants to accomplish through us if we would be willing to exclaim:  “Let’s do it!”

Prayer: Spirit of the Living God, I am willing for You to mold me and use me as You see fit for the transformation of the world. Amen.

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