12/20/12 Dose

FOR THURSDAY                              TODAY’S SCRIPTURE READING:  1 Samuel 3:11-18

The Lord said to Samuel, “I am about to do something in Israel that everyone who hears about it will shudder.”  (1 Samuel 3:11; Holmon Christian Standard Bible)

After years of silence, the Lord finally speaks to young Samuel.  However, I’m not so sure he was thrilled about the message he was called to give.

The desert fathers of Egypt ell the story of some brothers who  went to see Abba Felix, begging him to say a word to them. But the old man kept silence. After a long time he finally said to them, ‘You wish to hear a word?’ They said, ‘Yes, abba.’ Then the old man said to them, ‘There are no more words nowadays. When the brothers used to consult the old men and when they did what was said to them, God showed them how to speak. But now, since they ask without doing that which they hear, God has withdrawn the grace of the word from the old men and they do not find anything to say, because there are no longer any who carry their words out.’ Hearing this, the brothers groaned, saying, ‘Pray for us, abba.'” 

I wonder, when God speaks to us, will we be willing to do what we hear? 

Prayer:  As I come to you in prayer, Almighty God, help me not only to be attentive but also willing to carry out Your calling.  Amen.

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