8/21/12 Dose


 When Jesus heard it, he said, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor, but sick people do.”  (Matthew 9:12; Common English Bible)

Jesus made this comment about people needing a doctor when he heard the Pharisees complaining about him eating with sinners.  Yet, I find it interesting that what Jesus was doing when he was in the presence of said sinners was not giving them some kind of medical treatment but offering his companionship.  Friendship with Jesus is something we all need.

After moving into a new community, I’ve been seeing a lot of doctors lately – an eye doctor, a dentist, a medical doctor.  The reason for all these visits was not so much because I’m sick, but because I’m trying to stay healthy (or get healthier).  My hope was that establishing these new relationships would “nip things in the bud” and keep me from getting sick. (Unfortunately, my visit to the dentist did not prevent me from having the root canal I may be facing later today!)

Nevertheless, whether I’m feeling fine or needing some extra help along the way – I always need to seek companionship with Jesus.  His stories and his care always lift my spirits to face whatever the doctors prescribe.

Prayer:  Master Physician, I thank You for the wisdom and caring spirit You give to all Your servants who are a part of the healing teams You have called together to care for Your children in times of sickness or health.  Amen.

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