12/20/10 Dose


“Whenever you enter a town and its people welcome you, eat what is set before you.” (Luke 10:8; The New Revised Standard Version)


While channel surfing one day, I came upon a show called “Bizarre Foods” in which the host, a guy named Zimmerman, travels the world to exotic places in which the cuisine served there is, well, “bizarre”.  A few other descriptive words about the food could be used like “gross, yucky and ewww!”  The interesting thing is how this guy would try to eat most anything that was set before him.  Granted, this was primarily done to get TV ratings (however, I don’t think I’ll tune in again).  But in some of the locations, he ate what was offered because of the hospitality of the ones who offered the food.


The directions given by Jesus to the seventy reminds us to be respectful of the hospitality offered to us, even if it might not be our favorite foods.  In other words, be content with what others bring before us and not demanding our own way.


If we adopted this attitude in other areas of our lives, the witness we have to offer others might be more acceptable to them and more effective in sharing God’s love.


Prayer:  Freely and heartily O God, I yield all things to You.  Let not my spirit be demanding of others, but accepting them just as they are as you have accepted me.  Amen.

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